God struck me dead if I’ve ever stolen from my people – Roads Minister

The Member of Parliament for Atewa West and Minister for Roads and Highways Kwasi Amoako Atta has sworn he has never taken what belongs to his constituents his entire life.

According to him, since he became an MP he has made personal commitment to ensure that the living standards of the people are improved with the meager resources that come to him and therefore it is erroneous for anyone to claim he is enriching himself with monies meant for development in the area.

Kwasi Amoako Atta has come under fire by some of his constituents over poor road networks and lack of other basic social infrastructure in the area. Some Members of his party in the constituency about two months ago defected to the Opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) as a result of his perceived indifference towards the hardship brought on them by government’s mining ban.

But addressing his constituents at Akyem Bomaa during the Farmers Day Celebration, the MP swore to his constituents that he has never shortchanged them.

“I have been speaking in churches and before Nananom who are Spirit so I would have been struck dead if have been lying to my constituents all these while. I swear before Nananom and Almighty God I have never robbed my constituents. God should take my life if I have ever stolen even Ghc10 meant for my constituents. God Should Take My life! God should take my life if as an MP I have robbed my constituency”,

The visibly furious lawmaker added “As human as I am if I had unintentionally used monies of my constituency for something else which i am yet to be known I pray to God for forgiveness. if I become aware I will refund it 10 times. But I can confidently say i have never taken anything meant for my constituents since i became MP”.

MP incites Constituents against Galamsey Chiefs.

Mr. Amoako Atta rather charged his constituents to rise up and demand accountability from their Chiefs whom he accused of benefiting from scourge of galamsey to the detriment of development .

He said the quantity of gold extracted from the community do not commensurate with development of the area because some chiefs decided to pocket shares of the community but later turn around to accuse government of underdevelopment.

“Nananom and Subjects should tell us what benefit did galamsey brought to the area. I want to know! Galamsey rather destroyed our water bodies and farmlands but some Chiefs benefited because they entered into agreements with these galamsey companies so they must render account to the people. The People of Atewa West must rise Up! the People of Atewa West Must Rise Up![He emphasized] ,You must rise up and demand accountability from our leaders on Galamsey. Even if a single roofing sheet gets ripped off from a school building, these chief don’t help always crying out to the District Assembly and MP for help, Yes we must help but the question begging for answer is where is the galamsey money”.



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