I’m not Competing with Fantana_Wendy Shay

Ghanaian musician, Wendy Addo known by most as Wendy Shay has submitted that she considers herself as the firstborn of RuffTown Records and thus she is in no competition with colleague Fantana.

The female musician speaking in an interview with SammyFlex stated that contrary to the current believe that she is competing with the label’s newest signee Fantana; she stands on her words that she has been competing with herself from the start of her career.

“I tell people that the competition is myself. I compete with myself every day. I try to be better. I mean you guys can see how I started and how I am today, I always challenge myself.

“She is also doing very good in her own way. She’s doing her stuff, she’s doing her thing” Wendy Shay added.

Buttressing her point on the fact that she is past indulging in unwarranted competitions, Wendy stated that due to the absence of the late signee Ebony, she has automatically assumed the position of being the first to be signed on the RuffTown Record Label.

“I’m saying that even if that’s what they think; even a newborn child needs to be taken care of. For me I am an adult, I’ve always been the firstborn. Right now I am the firstborn of the Label so I need to consider a lot of stuff too.” she said

According to Wendy Shay, in as much as she has no reason and intentions to compete, Fantana herself is pulling her weight and thus they are both in a very healthy space where their career and labels are concerned especially because they are in safe hands.

“Fantana is new and probably she will need more attention. So I’m not really bothered about all of that. And Bullet is the boss so he knows what he is doing. He knows what is right for both of us and we are all cool with it.” She further declared.

The Afropop and Afrobeat singer again added that since she does some of the writing of her songs as well, she is positive no issues will arise where provision for musical lyrics by the C.E.O of RuffTown Records is concerned.

“If you talk about the music, well I also do the writing. I write myself so most of the time I write and then I show it to Bullet, he goes through and he adds his own.” Wendy Shay said

Source: kasapafmonline.com