‘I panicked at sound of closing bell’ – Sarkodie on abusive childhood

Celebrated rapper, Sarkodie, has recounted how he suffered abuse at the hands of a guardian during his childhood.

The artiste, who took his turn on ‘This Is Gospel’ with Franky 5 on Hitz FM, opened up on the uncomfortable experience while stressing his faith in God in those difficult times.

According to him, his father once left him in the care of an elderly woman in Achimota who maltreated him.

“I spent a lot of my life at Mile 7…those were some dark times for me…I went through a whole lot…I didn’t know where my mum was and I didn’t know where my dad was…Dad took me to the woman to stay with her,” he recounted.

The rapper stated his abusive home made him always want to stay in his school even after school closes.

“I used to panic when I heard the closing bell from school…I wished school will just go through on to the next day,” the artiste recounted.

Sarkodie indicated that these experiences influenced the composition of his ‘Mile 7’ song released in 2014.

The BET award-winner also revealed on ‘This Is Gospel’ that he is an ardent listener of the show hosted by Franky 5.

Sarkodie spoke highly of the show and added that he had felt unqualified to be a guest on the radio program.


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