Ambolley bemoans recent music trend

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, a legendary highlife musician, has said, the recent trend of music dominating the airwaves, serves as a potential threat to the values of Ghanaians.

The downward surge of highlife music, has become a worrying phenomenon, as new music artistes, see it as an unattractive venture and rather prefer more in Dancehall, RnB music, among others.

According to the music icon, the recent trend of music, does not carry messages that would impact the lives of the younger generation contrary to the olden days, where music served

as an inspiration to the youth

“In the olden days, every song you would hear teaches you about the dos and donts in life but today’s music trend is talking about things that don’t impact lives especially the youth,” he told GNA Entertainment.

He added, “every country has her music, so why have we left ours and playing dancehall and they are being hailed, which is totally unfortunate. Most Ghanaians don’t know the power of highlife.

“Highlife brings us together us a people irrespective of tribal or political sentiment and we certainly cannot live highlife behind.”

He urged young musicians, to use their platform, to trigger a change in the society and communicate positive vibes to inspire Ghanaians.



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