Gold Fields equips teachers with specialised skills

Eighty selected teachers from three senior high schools (SHSs) and some junior high schools (JHS) in Tarkwa and Damang in the Western Region have completed a specialised training on how to equip and empower students to excel in examinations.

The training was organised by Gold Fields Ghana Limited in Tarkwa for education institutions in their host communities.

The teachers were drawn from Fiaseman, Tarkwa, and Huni Valley senior high schools.

The junior high schools included Gold Fields School Complex, New Atuabo and Brahabebom JHSs.

The teachers were taken through exercises such as how to identify ineffective study and revision habits among students.

The training is also expected to enable the teachers to help their students to recollect and apply what they have learnt.

Training materials

The training was based on a book titled, EXCEL – A Practical Guide to Studying and Passing Examinations, authored by Mr Dominic K. A. de Graft Aidoo, a Ghanaian resident in the United Kingdom (UK).

The teachers also had the opportunity to refresh their minds on how to impart knowledge with the use of some modern techniques.

Mr Aidoo, who also facilitated the training, provided tips on best examination practices and explained key command words that appeared in examination questions.

Sharing his thoughts on the exercise, Mr Aidoo said the inability of some students to understand instructions particularly in class had often been blamed for poor performance.

Positive approach

The Sustainable Development Manager at Gold Fields, Mr Robert Siaw, urged teachers to adopt a positive approach to teaching and prepare students well for exams in order for them to excel.

“This book provides simple and practical steps which will be useful to students, even those who dread examinations. Both teachers and students must, therefore, read the book and learn how to prepare very well for examinations,” he stated.

Gold Fields also donated 1,000 copies of the book to schools in Tarkwa, Damang and surrounding areas.

Mr Siaw expressed the hope that the training would improve students’ ability to comprehend examination questions.

He added that Gold Fields was committed to giving back to its host communities which included the training for teachers to make education one of the major policy foundations of the company for its mines’ catchment area.

Credit: Graphic Online

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