Ghanaian Youth Display “Tramadolic” symptoms by dancing wrowroho in public

Wrowroho is making youth behave abnormal

It appears the lack of discipline has taking a different height in Ghanaian society today. In this internet of things era, is it surprising that, a lot of the youths in Ghana find a difficulty in making most of their talents useful to serve the society.

Clearly, not all the youths in Ghana could be described as lazy, however, majority tends to use short term approach in achieving their desire to fame.

Most school drop out feel that, society has given up on them and the only best use of their talents is to engage in the use of tramadol for their daily survival.

Some onlookers were surprised to see youth go craze with symptoms of what seemed like people under the influence of medicine.

Youth dance to wrowroho by Medikal and Agbeshie is the new trend of craziness in town.

See video below.

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