Ghana considering reviewing Kosovo’s status – Speaker Mike Oquaye

Ghana will consider withdrawing recognition of Kosovo’s independence. This is what media in Belgrade are reporting after a meeting Serbian Parliament Speaker, Maja Gojkovic, had with its Ghana counterpart, Aron Michael Oquaye.

This state official of Ghana, according to Belgrade media, will meet today also the President and Prime Minister of Serbia.

Speakers of the two parliaments have stated that this is a historic meeting after Aron Oquaye was the first official from Ghana who is visiting Belgrade since the brake-up of ex-Yugoslavia.

“One of the special topics of our meeting was the dialogue with Pristina and preservation of Serbian heritage in Kosovo.

We have discussed also on Ghana’s stance towards Kosovo and Oquaye said that the issue of Kosovo’s status will be reviewed by his country,” said Gojkovic.

But media in Belgrade have presented no other evidence or statement that Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament has really made such a claim.


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