Kwadjo Panyin ranked 19th on top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers

Kwadjo Panyin, popularly known as the “African Bachelor” – a lifestyle blogger and has been named the 19th top blogger in the 2018 Top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers by Avance Media.

The African Bachelor on his blog,, blogs about dating and relationship challenges and has over the years inspired both the young and old through his writings to help move the entertainment industry to another level.

Kwadjo Panyin in his publicity service, reflects more on his personal lifestyle, which encourages him to motivate others who might be going through similar situations as his.

Kwadjo Panyin who continues to shape and brand the youth in their relationships and dating challenges through his writings, also does DJing (Disc Jockeying) as a hobby in the United States of America (USA).

He has written several articles which include “5 Lies Ghanaian Women Tell Most of the Time”, “Ten Things Every African Man Needs to Know about Makeup”, “Are We Going to Have Sex or Not” and “If Sex Is A Colour, What Would Your Colour Be”

Avance Media, a leading Public Relations and Rating firm, launched this annual research ranking dubbed Top 50 ha Bloggers to unveil the faces behind the most read and popular blogs owned and run by Ghanaians.

The ranking, which features bloggers from diverse sectors such as entertainment, lifestyle, education, fashion, technology, health, relationship and others is intended to annually feature Ghanaian bloggers whose blogs have distinguished themselves as a source of credible information, education & entertainment according to the MD of Advance Media, Prince Akpah.


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