GBA President, Tony Forson raped me in 2012; Kuukuwa Andam Alleges

The President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Anthony Forson Jr., has been accused of raping a Canada-based Ghanaian lawyer, Kuukuwa Andam.
A formal criminal police complaint has been made against Mr. Forson in Washington DC, USA, by Ms. Andam.

Kuukuwa Forson in an elaborate Facebook post on her encounter with the GBA President said Mr. Forson raped her in a Washington DC hotel in 2012.

According to her narration, she had been in an amorous relationship with Mr. Forson for a while before she moved to the US to pursue her masters’ degree program, but they stayed in touch via phone and emails.

Kuukuwaa Andam claims the GBA President raped her in 2012

“…when Tony told me he wanted to date me, I agreed. He would send me many messages telling me he loved me. I used to call him ‘T-baby.’ He knows all these things & can admit them if only he will be honest,” she said.

Kuukuwa revealed that she contacted Anthony Forson Jnr. for financial assistance to pay for her rent among other expenses, when getting support from all other sources proved futile.

Ms. Andam claims she exchanged emails with Mr. Forson to arrange for their meeting

“He told me to meet him at a hotel in Washington DC for the rent money. It was close to school exams but I went anyway… As soon as I settled in, he asked for sex. I had already psyched myself up and so I asked him whether he had a condom. When he said no, I pleaded with him to allow me to at least go get a condom but he pinned me down and raped me,” she claimed.

“He told me with disdain that I could take the $400 on the table if I wanted,” she added.

Kuukuwaa, a graduate student at Queen’s University, said she had had to battle several months of trauma and pain and spent some time in a psychiatric facility to help her recover from the incident.

Ms. Andam claims she exchanged emails with Mr. Forson to arrange for their meeting

In another public post she made on Facebook on Monday, she claimed that her former boss, Mr. Selasi Kofi Fumey, who was then the Acting Deputy Director of Legal Aid Ghana also took advantage of her naivety many years ago as a National Service Personnel and raped her for the first time and on many different occasions.

According to her, she was unable to come out immediately to report the abuse because she was “scared to speak out about the powerful men” due to the “backlash or stigma” she could face especially because of the influence her supposed abusers wielded in society.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anthony Forson Jnr. has denied the claims.

In a statement published by his attorneys, Beyuo & Co. he said he “sincerely and emphatically denies that he has committed any such offense” against Kuukuwa Andam.

His lawyers said “the allegations are palpably false and in due course, he [Anthony Forson] will be vindicated.



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