Gay Community to Finance Ghana’s National Cathedral

The struggle for funds to erect Ghana’s National Cathedral seems to be coming to an end.

The Gay community in Ghana, through their counterparts UK LGBT Association, has donated $25 million to support the construction of the National Cathedral in Ghana.

According to the spokesperson of the Ghana LGBT Association Baffour Gyawu, this gesture by their members is to show Ghanaians how tolerant they are and how strong their faith is in Jesus Christ.

Mr. Baffour Gyawu added that, the Ghanaian Gay community is almost through in securing another $6 million from their sister associations in South Africa and Australia to translate the Bible into various local languages.

The National Cathedral Secretariat expressed joy over the donation by the Gay community and thanked them for their tolerance of people who share different thoughts on issues.

Baffour Gyawu urged the general public to keep on donating as excess funds could be used to tackle other societal issues.

Ghanaians have however expressed shock over this satiric piece as acceptance of the donation may force parliament to legalise same sex marriage.


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