Fella Makafui Reats to Strongman ‘Immortal’ Diss Track

Medikal’s girlfriend, Fella Makafui has reacted to allegations by Strongman in his Immortal diss track that old rich men at East Legon in Accra have been using her as their chewing stick.

A verse in Strongman’s Immortal alleged that Fella Makafui has been used by several rich men at East Legon but in a sharp rebutal, Fella who appears to be disturbed by the allegation of sleeping with rich old men denied the allegation.

In a new video, Fella sitting in a car and playing Strongman’s “Immortal” paused the song when it got to the verse where Strongman stated that Fella has been used as chewing stick by rich old men at East Legon and made it clear that she is not the person Strongman is talking about.

She has also posted on Instagram that she’s contemplating on opening her restaurant inside East Legon.

Source: ghbase.com