Explosion at ECG Achimota station; problem at Mallam leaves parts of Accra in darkness

Some parts of Accra were left in darkness Thursday evening following a problem at the Mallam Bulk Supply station and an explosion at the Achimota substation of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) near the Perez Chapel at Dzorwulu.

The explosion reportedly occurred around 5:40 pm on Thursday.

An eyewitness said there a loud bang at the Achimota substation which was followed by a huge ball of fire from one of the high tension poles.

The loud bang, the eyewitness said caused people around the area to run helter-skelter.

He said many motorists who were in traffic on the Dzorwulu road stopped momentarily to find out what was happening.

No explosion

Meanwhile, the Director of Public Relations at the ECG, Mr William Boateng has told Graphic Online’s Emmanuel Ebo Hawkson that there was no explosion at the Achimota substation.

Rather, he explained the power outage in some areas in the city was a result of a problem at the Mallam Bulk Station.

A visit to the Achimota substation by Graphic Online’s Emmanuel Ebo Hawkson show the station was running normal.


Graphic Online

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