Efya Nokturnal’s looks more beautiful without make ups

Ghanaian singer Jane Awindor popularly known as Efya Nokturnal is one of the most beautiful songstresses in Ghana.

Efya Nokturnal’s beauty has never been questioned since she shot to fame some years ago.

One thing that is clear is that the musician’s photos which she has been sharing are those of her in heavy makeup.

But Efya has moved from the usual splendid photos to show us her real face without any makeup.

In her latest post on Instagram, Efya was spotted sitting in her room looking beautiful.

Her caption of the photo, “Wo Suban Ny3 … Nso Me P3 Wo Saara.”

There were no spots showing on Efya’s face and she looked okay from a neutral point of view.

Following the release of the photo, many social media users have admired her beauty without makeup.

@kamizaroku commented: “What a woman.”

@realkessie also wrote: “You so cute .Seriously.”

@sedrok219: “Beauty isnt make up… BEAUTY IS YOU.”

@sunset_healshit: “You are nice like that.”

@ch.arity4927 added her voice: “Innocent face.”