EC exoneration of officials engaged in electoral malpractice ridiculous – NDC

The opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) has described as unsatisfactory conclusions by the Electoral Commission exonerating its officials who were deployed for the referendum.

According to the EC, its internal investigations do not point to any wrongdoing on the part of its staff despite the circulation of voters engaging in multiple thumb printing of ballot papers.

But the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Peter Otukunor in an interview described the conclusions as ridiculous.

“They expect us as political players to just accept the axiom that they were not wearing a jacket and they could not see some brown colours so it cannot be the referendum then that is most ridiculous. We are not satisfied at all, because we received a letter from them and we need a thorough clarification on the kind of investigation that they have done.

“They told us that they referred the matter to the police, so if the Electoral Commission comes and tell us that per their investigations, writing letters to the District offices just to take comments from the District Director and that will form the basis for this findings I’ll be heavily disappointed and the NDC will be heavily disappointed.”