#DropthatChamber: Ghanaians protest construction of new Parliamentary chamber

Some Ghanaians have started a campaign on social media to ensure that a new Parliamentary Chamber Block is not constructed. The campaign which has the hashtag #DropthatChamber is currently the top trend on Twitter in Ghana.

Although the cost of the new chamber, described as “futuristic” by its architect has not yet been disclosed, many of the Twitter comments have suggested that it’s rumoured $200m cost is an extravagance that Ghana cannot afford at this stage in its development.

In the comments monitored by Ghanamatters.com, many have suggested that the sum should rather be directed towards projects that will provide people with employable skills and social amenities.

The unveiling of the proposed design of the new chamber was done during a courtesy call paid by a delegation from the architectural firm – Adjaye & Associates, who are also constructing the national cathedral.

In attendance, were the Leadership of the House, some members of the Board, the Clerk and other Principal Directors of the Parliamentary Service.

A statement copied the Ghana News Agency said during the presentation of the model Chamber Block to the Speaker of Parliament and the Leadership, Sir David Adjaye, the architect of the project indicated that the concept was inspired by the Akan saying, “Ti kro nko agyina”, literally meaning, “two heads are better than one.”

“This key concept is one that depicts the idea of Ghanaian democracy, where Parliament represents a body with various members interlocked in decision making,” he said.

Commenting on the sitting capacity of the model New Chamber Block, the Speaker of Parliament clarified that the 450 seater Chamber did not necessarily mean that the number of Members of Parliament would be increased.

“However, the monumental project is planned to be futuristic and one that will stand the test of time and for posterity,” he asserted.

The proposal for the new Chamber, with a sitting capacity of about 450 Members of Parliament is expected to house facilities including diplomatic offices, a library, a museum, a church, a mosque, eateries, press conference rooms, galleries, a car park, an upper gallery garden, a post office and other facilities to complete the Parliamentary enclave.

Read the best tweets below;

Miss. Federer



When they need your vote, they would be in your community from dawn to dusk, playing gutter to gutter, plaiting hair, cleaning gutters & carrying your poop! After election, V8, tinted glasses, armed security and bye bye until next election! #DropthatChamber


Captain Awesome@OrigClassPeters

Chinese embassy spent $20m to construct 1,000 boreholes for Ghanaians.
It means $200m can provide 10,000 boreholes.
These MPs forget most of them represent people drinking water with animals.#DropThatChamber#DropThatChamber