Be smart like Bullet and invest in new Artiste _Fans tell Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese was indeed one of the best rappers in the game back then but not anymore. Sadly, this is a fact we think he won’t like to hear after dropping series of ‘non-flying’ songs in recent times.

Even his hardcore raps now sound like nursery rhymes and no one is paying attention to him any longer. This sentiment was recently shared by fans of Kwaw Kese on his own page on Facebook.

According to them, his time as a popular artiste has passed so he should stop embarrassing himself with wack songs a rather invest in some upcoming artiste who has the potential so he can make money out of him/her just like what Bullet is doing.

Those around the rapper should let him know this is a bitter truth but he should take it in good faith because that’s the reality.