Bawumia’s role as Veep keeps flip-flopping – Alex Mould

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation(GNPC) Alex Mould has slammed what he described as the flip-flopping of roles for Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Vice President Bawumia who’s the Head of the government’s Economic Management Team while in opposition centered his campaign on what he said was the mismanagement of the economy by then Mahama administration and held public lectures on how in his view the economy could grow.

But soon after the New Patriotic Party(NPP) government was sworn into power in 2017, very little has been heard from Dr. Bawumia on the economy as is rather spear-heading the digitization agenda of the public sector.

Government has pointed out that its short term goal is to leverage on technology and digitization in the public sector to improve administrative systems and governance.

Dr. Bawumia maintained that with digitization, the government will be introducing new, and more efficient ways of doing business to help attract investors.

But Mr Mould who has been named as one of the likely persons to be NDC Flagbearer John Mahama’s running mate in an interview with Bola Ray on Starr FM said it is now difficult to even judge if Dr. Bawumia has even met his KPIs.

“We have to really understand what the role of Dr. Bawumia has been. What I’ve seen is that there’s a lot of flip-flopping of what his role is supposed to be whether he’s supposed to be handling the Economic Management Team or whether he’s responsible for I.T. The roles keep flip-flopping and it’s quite difficult to be able to judge if he’s met his key performing indicators in any of these roles.”

When asked by the host Bola Ray if he’ll be able to match Dr. Bawumia boot-for-boot should he [Mould] be chosen as a running mate he said when the time comes Ghanaians will know.

“My experience, my background, my exposure internationally and locally, my ability to man projects, ability to negotiate tough agreements. My ability to lead, bring the best out of people will show on that day.”