Africa needs “dictatorship” – Rapper Sarkodie

“we can’t be taking orders from the oppressor, it will never be in our favor"

Ghana’s celebrated rapper, Sarkodie, has used twitter to express disappointment at how Africa and Africans are being “oppressed” by the West, and also suggesting measures to curb the situation.

“These systems were never built for us so therefore we can’t benefit from it. The world is surviving on us but we suffer. They broke us up so they can control but the good news is it’s not too late we just need to wake up,” he said.

In a series of tweets via his personal handle on Tuesday the rapper added “It will all be over when we find our sense of pride, our purpose, power and even ourselves but they working super hard to keep us from doing that. At this point, to make a change, let’s forget about the older generation, even our generation and impact the next.”

Relating the situation to the music industry, he said “let me use music as an example: African music has been in existence for a long time but why is the world paying attention now??? Because at this point we took things into our hands, united and invaded, wasn’t an individual. Lemme predict what’s gonna happen: they will come in with money to buy our rights again and build their labels here, sign 90% of us and control the revenue. And our survival instincts might not help with the best decisions.”

The rapper continued “we can’t be taking orders from the oppressor, it will never be in our favor. What we need at this point might seem like dictatorship and will feel uncomfortable since we have enjoyed temporal freedom for a minute but we need drastic measures to survive.”

He added “I genuinely want to see us survive It doesn’t matter how good my life will be in this lifetime but what my future generations will have to face later …”


Credit: Starrfmonline

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