7 things that happen during sex that are perfectly normal

At the best of times, sex is the end all and be all of human encounters. At the worst of times sex can be, well, really awkward. No need to worry though, we all experience a little embarrassment, nuisance or otherwise at some point in time.

Here are the 7 totally normal things that can happen during sex.


Many women experience vaginal dryness at one point or another. In fact, about 1/3 of younger women experience dryness which can cause irritation during sex. The experts suggest longer foreplay (and vibrators, too!)

“The Moment”

There is a point during sex when women experience “the moment” when they know exactly how the rest of the act is going to work out for them – good, bad and ugly. Women often start a sexual encounter in a state of “sexual neutrality” and are pretty intuitive when it comes to their chance of achieving orgasm.

Pee sensation

Certain positions, especially those that stimulate the G-Spot, can leaving you feeling like you have to pee. Have no fear, you probably won’t, but you may experience female ejaculation. If you don’t experience urinary incontinence at any other time, you likely won’t during sex.

You get LOUD

66 percent of women moan during sex to speed up their partner’s climax, while  87 percent said they made noise to raise their partners self-confidence. Some women need to be vocal to reach orgasm while being loud for others helps them get what they want in bed.

Noise between the sheets

Vaginal flatulence is not the same as passing gas although, unfortunately, it sounds the same. Enthusiastic thrusting can sometimes trap air in the vaginal canal and the result isn’t always pleasant sounding but there is no harm or need for embarrassment – it happens to the best of us!


Women can have multiple things in their minds at any given time. In the heat of the moment, that can get distracting and detract from the overall experience. Women often beat themselves up about their 9 to 5 thoughts creeping into their bedroom brains but sometimes its unavoidable. Spending more time connecting before getting busy to clear your thoughts may do wonders.

The sex headache

Sex headaches are usually a dull, persistent ache in your head that builds as you become more sexually excited. In more rare cases it can be a sudden burst of pain followed by orgasm. Most are nothing to worry about but if they become severe check with your healthcare provider.