Social: Albert Kan Dapaah, National Security Capo Suspended

Press Release:


Albert Kan Dapaah is hereby suspended indefinitely from our august body for grossly misconducting himself and breaking all laid down rules on dealing with a side chic.

1. He was on a video call with a side chic who refused to show her face. That is totally against the rules!

2. He stood up, modeled and did a catwalk for the side chic. That was disgusting, shameful and embarrassing to all sugar daddies around the world!! Video calls are made for the sole purpose of *Sugar Daddy feasting his eyes!!!* Ken shamelessly reversed the roles and we can’t forgive him!!! It’s the duty of side chic to show us interesting and appetizing body parts, we have nothing to show them besides our atm cards and cheque books.

3. To add insult to injury Kan told her I love you and side chic refused to respond and Kan was ok with that!!!! That’s a taboo!! The rules are very clear that Sugar Daddy must get a positive response back whenever those 3 sacred words are said otherwise funds are immediately withheld!

4. Lastly why did Kan Dapaah allow the side chic to discuss his pajamas? It’s for sugar daddy to ask about her dross and if it’s on or off, bikini or tong…. and finally we don’t allow side chic to ever see us in pajamas!!! We wear *boxers* like the young dudes. No pajamas unless with wifey.

We hope this serves us warning to all members.

We won’t sanction our side chics over this issue, we’ll continue to support them in cash and in kind but if any side chic hides her face in a video call members should immediately terminate her contract.

This is a publication on social media. It is intended for lighting your day with a humour. Author unknown. Happy reading!!!