Wendy Shay teaches Fantana how to cook

Over these few months since Fantana popped up in the music scene, the first impression she created was that she cannot cook.

That made clear, let’s talk about what she is doing to change this or perhaps not to change this assertion.

Fantana has revealed in several interviews that her long nails matters most to her and this prevents her from cooking.

This assertion seems to be bothering Wendy Shay, her follow record mate under RuffTown records label. In an Interview with Sammy Flex, Wendy revealed that she is gradually teaching Fantana how to cook.

According to Wendy Shay, Fantana is fast learner, and she is picking up on what she is teaching her. She added that she is teaching her how to prepare stew, fried egg, fried yam among others.

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She made this revelation after Sammy Flex asked her “Why are you not teaching your label mate, Fantana how to cook…?“

“I have started teaching her. We started with stew, fried egg, fried yam, and probably indomie. Yh, she is doing well. And she really wants to learn.” Wendy responded.