We aren’t being paid, I need to survive – Duah Adonteng

Mr. Kofi Duah Adonteng has justified his lateness to Wednesday’s press conference by the Normalisation Committee, saying he had private business to attend to.

According to him, the members of the Normalisation Committee are not paid so if he has an opportunity to make money in a private venture, he would take it.

Speaking on Accra-based Asempa FM, Mr Adonteng said that he would not be deterred by the criticisms he has received since Wednesday’s incident

“I won’t mind anyone… Do you know how much [I ]suffer? We aren’t being paid for the job [with the Committee] so if I have some work to do and I don’t, how will I earn anything for myself?

“I am not a child. I have been working for over 40 years. I plan everything I do.”

‘Not interested in stupidity’

There was some tension at the Normalisation Committee’s maiden press conference on Wednesday after a journalist questioned him about his late arrival to the event.

Freelance journalist, Ekow Asmah, had expressed disappointment that the journalists gathered at the press conference were told by the Committee’s spokesperson, Dan Yeboah to welcome Mr Adonteng, who had arrived an hour after it had started.

Agitated that the journalist, Ekow Asmah, had the courage to question his lateness and also remind him that it “sets a bad example,” Kofi Duah Adonteng shouted at him to “keep quiet.”

The lawyer and former Managing Director of Ghana Post, who had apparently arrived an hour late to the first press conference of the Normalization Committee, went on to describe the journalist’s concerns as stupid.

“Have you asked me why and how [I was late]? I’m not interested in this stupidity,” Mr. Adonteng remarked.

Ekow Asmah a freelance journalist who is usually a panelist on Asempa Sports however proceeded to describe Mr Adonteng’s conduct as unworthy of a member of the Normalization Committee.

The Committee member only arrived at the press conference when all his colleagues had already spoken and it was time for questions from journalists.

The journalist appeared to have been angered by the fact that the members of the audience were asked to clap for Mr. Adonteng who arrived late to the event.

“Punctuality is very important. As a member of the Normalization Committee, I expect that you set a very good example and this is a very bad example. The conduct is not befitting of a member that’s leading the transition to the new FA. I deem that he’s not fit to be on this Commission.”

Amid shouts of “you don’t respect”, Ekow Asmah responded, “he disrespected me and I had to point it out.”

The Normalisation Committee has already apologised over the incident in a statement, insisting that it is committed to treating its stakeholders with utmost respect.

“The Normalization Committee unequivocally apologises for the unfortunate incident that occurred at the media interaction on the 17th of October, 2018 at the Alisa Hotel.

We believe in treating each other and all stakeholders with respect, this includes respect for each other’s time.We are counting on all stakeholders to work with us to reform the beautiful game of football in Ghana”


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