Visa rolls out mobile payment service in Ghana

Visa has teamed up with banks in Ghana to launch Visa-on-mobile, a mobile payment service, in the country.

The mobile payment solution allows customers to directly access funds in their bank accounts to pay merchants (person-to-merchant or P2M) or individuals (person-to-person or P2P). The payment goes straight from the consumer’s bank account into the merchant’s account and provides real-time notification to both parties at no cost.

As part of the agreement, CAL Bank and Zenith Bank customers will access the service via their banking application. Ecobank customers have the USSD and banking application option while GTBank customers will access via USSD. Merchants aggregated through “ExpressPay” will also accept Visa-on-mobile.

The Visa-on-mobile implementation in Ghana benefited from the Visa Developer Platform, which allowed all partner banks the ability to integrate the Visa on mobile APIs directly into their mobile banking apps.

The solution is currently live in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Rwanda and Egypt with plans to launch in other African countries underway.

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