Video: #Throwback NAM1

Mr. Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1) and wife, Rose in good times

The quandary of NAM1 and his troubled business continues to baffle many today in Ghana. Barely some 90 days ago, the now declared, fugitive CEO, who wielded power within the political and business environment, was one of the most celebrated successful young business leaders in Ghana.

Although, it is not clear what went wrong with his business model, many continue to present all sorts of theories to justify the collapse of MenzGold, despite the securities and exchanges commissions brouhaha. What is understandable, though, the CEO of MenzGold is now on a red alert on Interpol’s database in some 200 countries across the globe.

The founder of MenzGold is thought to have fled Ghana with his nuclear family for their own protection.

Nam1 in the middle with Tourism Minister Catherine Afeku

The Government disclosed today that, there will be no payment from taxpayers money to depositors who invested in the embattled MenzGold company.

You will recall that the Ghana Police pronounced him wanted yesterday following a bench warrant.

What went wrong? Can Ghana really protect her young entrepreneurs and what lessons could the nation learn from this?  These are some of the questions being asked on social media and on the streets across the country., takes a throwback at NAM1’s lifestyle.

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