“Until Coronavirus goes, this hair won’t go” – Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has confirmed that he will only shave his hair or return to his old looks when the coronavirus is over.

Speaking to Kweku Sakyi-Addo, on Asase Radio in Accra, the former President said, “I wanted to provide evidence that I was also hibernating and I have decided until it [Coronavirus] goes, this hair won’t go”, and “As soon as the pandemic goes, yes [my hair will also go],”

Chairman Rawlings as he is popularly known is said to have remarked about his new look at the just ended June 4th celebrations.

“For those of you who are wondering about this ‘Moses brush’; if you want, call it ‘Moses broom’, since the President has decided he will use his shaven head to get rid of COVID-19, I will use [my] Moses brush to get rid of it and when it happens, then I think we can go back to our normal look.” Chairman Rawlings said.

President Rawlings advised that, people observe the social distancing protocols and maintain personal hygiene to make the fight against COVID-19 possible.

He stated that, “Let’s wear our masks, maintain appropriate social distancing, basic cough etiquette and proper hand and general hygiene protocols”.