UG’s Staff Village Primary School battling with bed bugs

The invasion of bed bugs in schools is a long standing phenomenon. Reports on the grave harm it’s causing have been flying around. Bed bugs hide in beds, cracking walls, and old and worn out furniture.

They spread by crawling between nearby locations or by being carried within personal items.

The harm these pests cause cannot be overemphasized.

There have been incidences where some schools were shut down, while others recorded high numbers of anemic students among other complications caused by the  bed bugs.

Among the many schools grappling with this menace is the Staff Village Primary School, on the University of Ghana Campus.

The prevalence of these pests has been attributed to the senescent nature of the facilities, school building and the furniture in the school.

About three years ago, the Executive of the Ghana , Staff-Village Residents Association made a call on the the immediate past Vice-Chancellor  of the University of Ghana to discuss a number of pressing issues affecting residents of the facility.

Among these issues was the pestiferous phenomenon of bed bug invasion.

They appealed to the University Management, who are overlords of the school to refurbish the Creche and Nursery of the Village Basic School.

Till this day, there has been very little update on the University Management’s response to this call.

Recently, concerns about the bed bugs have resurfaced.

A concerned staff of the school complained bitterly to Univers News and cried for help as no measure has been taken to curb the debilitating situation.

He bemoaned that students find it difficult to pay attention in class because of the bed bug bites.