U/W RCC recruiting NPP men as ‘election security’ for 2020

The Upper West Regional Security Liaison Office is recruiting New Patriotic Party members to be trained as election security members to monitor the 2020 general elections.

A letter dated January 28 and signed by the Capt. Rtd Simon Ansu Tengabo asked the various district and municipal chief executives as well as the regional NPP chair to submit 11 names each, including leaders for the training exercise.

“…Submit a list of suitable security oriented party members for training as election security team to closely monitor the 2020 elections starting from the reopening of the voters register through to the actual elections and up to declaration of results,” a copy of the letter to the NPP chair seen by 3news.com read in part.

Capt. Tengbago in the said letter explained the teams to be trained will in turn “select and also train polling stations election security teams” in their respective areas.

When contacted, Capt. Tengabo justified the content of the letter, stating “It’s just a harmless letter”.

He said there is nothing untoward about the decision to train the people to monitor the 2020 general elections, and even the upcoming referendum on election of MMDCEs.

According to him, since the letter leaked, he has received a lot of calls from people including the National Security Minister and that “only a few people called me and told me that i shouldn’t mind anybody”

Capt. Tengabo indicated that some people have misconstrued the whole thing to mean they are going to train the people for violence but that is not it.

“You’re telling people of the party to be trained so that they can monitor what is happening and their security,” he explained.