Tribal Tourist launches new website to promote responsible adventure travel in Africa

South Africa-based adventure travel company Tribal Tourist has launched a new website providing an easy way for travelers to find and book the most unique tours and activities in Africa.

The website connects travelers with trusted host operators throughout Africa. Travelers can choose from adventures in several categories including safaris, cultural experiences, social adventures for single travelers, family trips and water-based activities. Tribal Tourist accepts online payments from customers around the world and features community-generated reviews of the adventures on offer.

Founder Matthew Kearns has spent the past two years personally connecting with hosts and organizers of the most exceptional experiences in Africa, “If our customers want to go kayaking in the Okavango Delta in the wet season we can make that happen. If they want to do a deep-sea diving trip off Zanzibar then they will find the best tour operator for that on Tribal Tourist.”

Tribal Tourist’s main goal is to bring more travelers to Africa and help them connect with local communities in a way that benefits the latter. “The new website is an extension of our real-life sustainable tourism practices. It brings conscious travelers and operators together and is packed with content that embodies our shared low-impact ethos.”

Tribal Tourist’s customers are wholly inbound with the majority coming from the USA, Canada and Germany. As a tribal leader, Kearns also hosts trips to connect with his customers in small, intimate groups. “We want to show people Africa’s adventurous side. At the same time, we are on a mission to educate them about traveling responsibly and how to tread lightly off-the-beaten-track,” said Kearns.

Africa remains untapped as an adventure travel destination. Only three African countries – Morocco, Tanzania and South Africa – made the top 20 adventure destinations in Intrepid’s Adventure Travel Index 2018. Tribal Tourist views this positively: “Adventure travel in Africa is a sleeping giant and we have a responsibility to protect our environment before it starts to wake up. Our new website will ensure people can connect with the best tour operators and the most unique adventures in Africa,” he said.