Treat Tamale rampaging soldiers as Terrorists – Security Analyst

Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa has described the soldiers who went on rampage attacking policemen in the Northern Regional Capital of Tamale on Wednesday as terrorists whose actions are no different from a Boko Haram insurgency.

According to him, he wished the soldiers identified to have taken part in that dastardly act would be put in chains and driven down south to Accra to be displayed to the public and subsequently made to face disciplinary action from the Military High Command.

An unspecified number of irate military officers went on the loose on Wednesday violently assaulting policemen men and civilians creating a state of fear and panic among the general public many of whom ran helter skelter for their lives in the ensuing melee.

The attack on the police officers occurred after officials of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the police service arrested a soldier who had brutally assaulted his wife.

In the process of arresting the soldier, his colleagues got wind of the situation and quickly went to his rescue. The soldier was freed by his colleagues in the process.

The angry soldiers then attacked the police officer and other officials who had gone to arrest the soldier. The soldiers subsequently attacked any other police officer they came across in the Tamale metropolis.

But speaking to Starr News, Adam Bonaa who’s the Chief Executive Officer of the Security Warehouse Ltd condemned the reprehensible action of the soldiers and called for scapegoats to be made out of them.

“I’m thinking that why must we as a people go down this low, these people clearly undermined the democracy, authority of this country and therefore we should treat them as terrorists, why do we want to have cappuccino with terrorists? 

We’re joking with the democracy that we’re currently enjoying, I think that we can’t go down that way allowing a group of soldiers who think that they can put the laws into their own hands and then we go ahead and dialogue with them. I was also expecting that the CDS will also send his Military Police Officers to go and help the Police to arrest those soldiers, put them in chains and bring them to Accra and begin to interrogate them. So that if there’s any military officer who hears sees this going on when next time his colleague is arrested for misbehaving or taking the laws into his own hands he won’t go and call his other colleagues.”


Source: kasapafmonline

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