Togo: Massive demonstrations across the streets of the capital, Lome and other cities against the unilateral legislative elections by dictatorship regime

On Thursday, 29 November 2018, hundreds of thousands of Togolese took to the streets of Lomé, the capital and the country’s main cities to demand transparent parliamentary elections after constitutional, institutional and electoral reforms had been called for more than 15 years.

In several areas, including Agoè in Lomé and Kparatao, Fief, where the leader of the PNP, Mr Tchikpi Atchadam resides saw tear gas fired to prevent further gathering of the demonstrators. Some of these canisters landed inside the Savoir school in Agoe and reportedly choked several students who were in class. At the time of filing this report, some of these affected students are still in admission at the university hospital campus in Lomé.

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