Teachers strip male student half naked at Mankessim Sec Tech (VIDEO)

A video showing a student being molested by two teachers who proceeded to forcibly rip his school shorts has gone viral on social media.

The student, dressed in a green shirt and a khaki shorts, is seen trying to prevent the teachers from stripping him naked in the presence of other school mates.

One of the teachers in a Fante dialect asked the student to stop being stubborn by holding on to his shorts and instead allow them (teachers) to pull the shorts down.

When the boy refused, the teacher then requested for a knife which he used to rip the shorts into pieces leaving the boy in his underpants.

Barabric Act. Teachers strip male student half naked. At Mankessim Sec Tech

Posted by Ahomka 99.5 FM on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Victim’s father

When contacted by Graphic Online, the father of the victim, Mr John Mensah, said the child’s mother informed him about the incident about two weeks ago.

He said his son (name withheld) is a form two General Arts student and an Assistant Entertainment Prefect of Makessim Senior High Technical School.

He said on the day the incident happened, the school was having its sporting activities and at the same time preparing for a gospel rock show.

Mr Mensah said when the teachers saw his son in the school, they called and questioned him why he was wearing a short khaki shorts, adding that the teachers then asked his son to go home to change his shorts.

He explained that his son, however, promised the teachers that he would go home to change it after the entertainment show, which the teachers agreed.

He told Graphic Online that after the sporting activities, the teachers saw his son again in the short khaki shorts and proceeded to question him.

According to Mr Mensah, his son told them (teachers) that he stays at Baafikrom, a suburb of Mankessim which is about 20-minute drive from the school so he could not go home immediately to change it and that he would not wear the same shorts to school the following day.

That, he said, angered the teachers and that led to their action.

According to Mr Mensah, in the process of using the knife to tear off the shorts, his son suffered some cuts.

Mr Mensah told Graphic Online that when he was briefed about the incident, he called the Assistant Headmaster of the school who assured him that he would inform the headmaster about the issue.

But the assistant headmaster failed to get back to him as he promised until he (Mr Mensah) called him after three days to find out how far he had gone with the issue.

He said the assistant headmaster told him that he had informed the headmaster who in turn had assured him that the issue would be investigated.

Mr Mensah, however, said he had not reported the incident to the police.


In an interview, the Headmaster of the school, Mr Robert Eghan, confirmed the incident and said the issue was before the school’s disciplinary committee.

He said the incident happened on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

According to him, the student had been cautioned earlier not to wear the uniform to school but had refused to comply.

He said he (student) had altered the prescribed uniform that the school allows its students to wear, hence making it very small on him.

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