Support Ghanaians Against Child Abuse Movement – Affail Monney

The President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr Affail Monney has pledged support to the Ghanaians against Child Abuse (GACA) movement by signing up as a chief GACA.

By signing up to be a GACA, the GJA president joins thousands of parents, traditional rulers, families and individuals across Ghana standing against all forms of child abuse.

Mr Monney speaking at a media soiree organized by the Ministries of Gender, Children and Social Protection, the Local Government and Rural Development with support from UNICEF, said child abuse remained an important issue of national concern, given the many cases reported almost every month.

He said child abuse had a long-term impact on the mental health of children and a concerted effort was needed to reduce it to the barest minimum.

“We believe that every child in this country has the right to a brighter tomorrow and it all begins with a healthy childhood. We all benefit when children grow up in loving homes with appropriate structures and limits devoid of abuse. With your help we can make sure children get best of their childhood experience by pushing for positive social change using our media platforms,” he said.

The GJA President urged colleague journalists to join the movement and take action in curbing child abuse in the country.

Ms Offeibea Baddoo, the Communications Officer of UNICEF, called on journalists to ensure a balance between the best interest of children and their mandate to serve public interest in their reportage.

“We need to give our children the platform to learn, grow and plan for a brighter future. Do not publish a story or an image which might put the child, siblings or peers at risk even when identities are changed, obscured or not used,” Ms. Baddoo said.

The soiree was organized to obtain first-hand experiences and information from the perspective of Ghanaian Journalists on the issue of child abuse.

As part of the event, a GACA press corps was launched with a core mandate of ensuring increased visibility in reporting on issues concerning children.

The press corps pledged to be Ghanaians against Child Abuse and declared their commitment to reporting accurately on any abuse case.



Source: GNA

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