Stop living a wasteful life and be renewed in 2019

Ghanaians especially Christians have been urged to stop living wasteful lives and be renewed in the New Year to improve their living conditions and build a peaceful, prosperous and healthy nation.

Reverend Father Rex Vegbey, a Divine Word Missionaries Priest at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church said, “If people want to progress in life and help to build the nation then people must transform their lives, be patriotic and shun the old attitudes including; corruption, disregard for rule of law, indiscriminate waste disposal and destruction of nature.”

Rev Vegbey gave the advice when he delivered a homily during the Eucharistic Celebration to welcome the New Year at the St. Theresa’s Mini-Basilica at Kanashie, in Accra and asked the nation to remain hopeful and hardworking.

Preaching on the theme, “Lord Order our Disorderliness”, the Priest encouraged all and sundry to seek forgiveness from God in order to be transformed and receive blessing bestowed on them.

“While repackaging yourself for the New Year, remember to frequently feed your spirit with the word of God, give alms, taking care of the weak and vulnerable in society as commanded by Lord Jesus,” he said.

Rev Vegbey stated that New Year was not really new, but a calendar change championed by Pope Gregory and meant to guide humanity to its destination.

Giving perspectives on the gospel reading taken from the book of John chapter 1 verses 1 to 18, he likened the second coming of Jesus Christ to how people prepared for retirement in their old days.

“In the same way people prepare reverently by working and making a monitory contribution for their old age, so must the world prepare for the coming of the Christ by straightening their path, doing good and observing the Commandments of God,” he advised.

Rev Vegbey cautioned people to preserve and protect their heart from the temptation of anti-Christ including excessive love for wealth, greed, hatred, fornication, false prophets and their prophesies and backbiting that had taken centre stage in the world.

Under a spirit-filled room, the congregation welcomed the New Year with prayers, praises, and worship.

Adorned in white clothing, the Priest led the church to pray for various intentions, including; road safety, the sick, renewal of spirit and mind, God’s continuous peace in Ghana and beyond.


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