Specialised stickers for luxurious vehicle levies in January 2019 – Pius Enam Hadzide

The Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) will in January next year release specialised stickers for luxurious vehicle levy.

This is in compliance with the LVL law, Act 949 passed by Parliament this year for vehicles with high engine capacities. .

Mr Pius Enam Hadzide,a Deputy Minister of Information, said this in a news briefing in Accra on Sunday.

For instance, vehicles with engine capacities of 2,950 cubic centimetres to 3,549 would pay GHȼ 1, 000 as levy.

Those with 3,550 cubic centimetres to 4,049 would pay a levy of GHȼ 1,500, while vehicles with capacities above 4,049 cubic centimetres would pay a levy of GHȼ 2,000.

The specialised DVLA stickers were of the same size and shape like the normal road worthy stickers, except that they had been painted in different colours with additional information LVL according to different dimensions.

However, he said some vehicles such as tractors, commercial vehicles that have capacity to transport more than 10 persons and those for transporting goods that exceeds 2950 cubic centimetres have been exempted from paying the levy.

Those who change their car engines to outwit the DVLA will be sanctioned according to law, he added.


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