Salone for Betteh Means Opportunities for All Sierra Leoneans – Rtd. Brig Julius Maada Bio

Free Education in Sierra Leone

The main opposition leader in the upcoming Sierra Leon election slated for 7th March 2018 has stated, his party is poised to make Sierra Leon a working country again. The presidential candidate of the Sierra Leon People’s Party (SLPP) believes that, Sierra Leone is ready for a change and the good people of his country are determined to start a new course which promises to be better.
This year’s national campaign which has its theme, “Salone for Betteh” seems much to resonant well with the young and middle age voters who believe Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio is the man to lead Sierra Leone after the elections. It will be recalled that, it was Maada Bio who returned Sierra Leone back to democracy after many years of political instability in the country. The presidential hopeful’s democratic credentials put him ahead of all his competitors. Opinion pools so far put Maada Bio ahead and it is believed this year election could be a landslide victory for the SLPP. Maada Bio is considered a moderate and tenacious man who possess a can do attitude to make Sierra Leone better again.
Maada Bio as affectionately called says his party’s manifesto is a restoration of Sierra Leone which will provide many opportunities for all citizens in the areas of free education, sustainable developments, investments and meaningful jobs for the good people of Sierra Leone.
As the good people of Sierra Leone prepares for the 7th March 2018, Retired Brigadier Julius Maado Bio says all voters should consider their current circumstances and vote massively for the SLPP which can bring the change desperately needed to make Sierra Leone Better.

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