Prophet Badu Kobi ‘curses’ Ghanaian Journalists

Ghanaian journalists who have gained notoriety in writing false stories about Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the founder and General Overseer of Glorious Wave International are bringing curses upon themselves.

The man of God said that these individuals are desperately doing so to be popular but warned that the repercussions of their actions, in the long run, will be very disastrous if they fail to tread cautiously.

Delivering a sermon in his church in a live broadcast monitored, he disclosed that claims his daughter was captured in a leaked tape and his wife divorcing him are all false being peddled by these journalists for popularity.

“Some of the journalists are releasing videos and deliberately twisting of facts that my daughter has been caught in a leaked sex tape. They are using it to make money…let them enjoy the money but the curses that follow that is quite enormous. The latest is that my wife has finally divorced me but she is here with me”, he revealed.

According to him, the video of a leaked tape as claimed was the daughter of a Sunyani-based Pastor identified as Prophet Stephen Badu but some journalists tried linking it to him following his comments about women.

He used the opportunity to remind members of the inky fraternity of how a senior members is suffering presently because he took delight in attacking men of God which has resulted in his current state.

“If you are young your focus is making money without recourse to who you will hurt or otherwise. When they are young like this they think they will make the money”, he said.