Princess Shyngle claims to have removed 5 ribs to have tiny waist

Gambia-born, Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle may have unwittingly unraveled the mystery behind her unusually tiny waist in an Instagram post where she claimed to have removed 5 ribs and plans to remove 5 more to have the tiny waist and her curvy shape deemed to be the curviest in the movie industry in Africa.

Princess Shyngle

“5 ribs removed. 5 more to go. Small intestines removed, remaining the big intestines. Gat to remove all these ribs. Who ribs ep.  You call me fake I call myself a work of art,” she had posted.

The ebony-skinned actress who was recently reported to have been hospitalised after attempting suicide over depression couldn’t have bargained for the reactions she got over the post. No sooner the post went up than storm of comments flooded her page.

Many of them were so unpleasant that she had to block the followers summarily. She must have blocked scores of her followers, who, in her estimation, got out of line. In fact it is impossible to bring out comments of so many because the moment they made the comments they were blocked by her. Only her own responses still remain on her page.

One follower of hers  reacted  thus “God removed one rib from Adam and used it in creating Eve,.You went and removed five ribs, I’m still wondering who you wish to create.”

Another follower followed in the same vein, saying, “The Day heavy wind will blow just know you won’t escape it. From your waist to your head will leave you Vummm and you will be gone. Are you sure you can even carry a pregnancy after you must have removed your ribs.”

Another follower who claims to be a Gambian was so hard on her, “Am a Gambian but not proud of you, people are laughing at your look.  You worth nothing ndeysaan. Professional prostitute. No wonder men can’t satisfy you because you are yet to be a human being. Maybe you need a horse to satisfy you,” he said.

Whether it is medically possible or not to remove five ribs is another matter entirely but it appears the actress may just be taking her followers for a ride or possibly just looking to trend in the cyberspace with something unusual.

And when some commented she was only joking, the actress in most instances, replied with affirmative emojis

One of such comments read thus: “You guys are really dumb to take the caption seriously… reason why ya’all get easily scammed.

I can take a bottle of water and call it fountain of life …everlasting youth and I am sure all these olodos will believe. Anyone who believed this can’t be saved.”

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