MenzGold: Our clueless PRO always spewing lies; client base is 100,000+ – CRO

A Client Relations Officer (CRO) at Menzgold Ghana Limited, Mr Carl Marx has said the company’s acting Director of Communication, Nii Armah Amarteifio is clueless about what is happening with the company and has consistently been “throwing dust” into the eyes of the public about issues concerning the troubled firm.

On Wednesday, 9 January 2019, Mr Amarteifio said the company’s clientele base was just about 60,000 rather than the 1.8 million claimed by the lawyer for some of the aggrieved clients, Amanda Clinton.

Speaking to Benjamin Akakpo on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class91.3FM on Thursday, 10 January 2019 about the number of clients of the troubled firm, Mr Marx said: “For actual figures, or exact figures that will be difficult to mention now, however, there are a lot of people, even more than 100,000 I should say, because if you’re are taking the number of CROs per client base, it should be more than that figure, so, is quite a lot but it’s not 60,000 as speculated by some other officials of the company.

“It’s more than the 60,000 as speculated. The PRO in recent times has not even given any real figure to that. He’s not in touch with issues and, so, he’s just misleading the public and trying to put dust in people’s eyes.

“From day one, all the communication he has been given out, he knows very well are not what is really happening on the ground and continues to give them false hope or wrong information. Even yesterday on some radio stations, he was saying a ‘schedule and this and that and that’. These are all lies, and, as we said in the release, it’s high time they brought all those people to book, and if you’re deceiving the public with your position in the company then I think it is tantamount to you being an accomplice to that.

Asked about the last time he personally saw his boss, Nana Appiah Mensah, Mr Marx stated: “That’s quite a long time that I can’t recollect. Because he has been busy, even though he was in Ghana, he was working on other projects. We were just working, as usual, doing our own duties and responsibilities.”

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has ordered the arrest of NAM1 and all directors of Menzgold including Rose Tetteh, the CEO’s wife; as well as Benedicta Appiah, Abigail Mensah, among others.

The court warrant explained that the accused persons are to help with investigations relating to “defrauding by false pretence contrary to section 131 of 29/60”.

Menzgold has been struggling to pay its customers since August after it was asked to stop operations of its gold vault market by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over regulatory infractions.


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