No PhD, No Job – Minister to university lecturers

Henceforth, if a lecturer has no PhD, he or she cannot teach in any university in Ghana, Minister of Education, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh has announced.

“Now if you do not hold a PhD, you will not be able to teach in a university,” the Education Minister said at the Meet The Press series on Tuesday, 20 November, caveating, however, that: “But most of the lecturers in our colleges of education do not hold PhD. So, we are giving them time to improve their knowledge through the British government support”.

The decision, according to Napo, as the minister is known in political circles, is to enable the universities to develop the capacity of teachers in the colleges of education.

Dr Prempeh expressed the hope that if the lecturers of the colleges of education were part of the university, they could get assistance in obtaining their PhDs.

He added: “Every capacity improvement will inure to the benefit of Ghanaian schoolchildren to improve their learning outcomes”.


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