New Regions: Massive YES votes for 6 new regions recorded

‘YES’ voters voted massively in support of creation of six new regions in some parts of Ghana following a referendum Thursday.

A total of 206,350 YES votes representing 99.7 per cent and 647 NO votes representing 0.3 per cent out of the total votes cast of 207,343 were recorded in the Savannah area of the Northern region.

According to the Electoral Commission, a total of 346 votes were rejected.

Bono East

In the Brong Ahafo region, 448,545 voters representing 99.5 per cent of the total votes cast voted YES for the Bono East region to be created as against 1,384 people, representing 0.3 per cent going for NO.

A total of 883 votes representing 0.2 per cent were rejected.

North East

The situation was not different in the proposed North East region from the Northern region. A total of 205,121 voted YES (99.8%) in favour of the new region while 447 voted NO.

Ahafo region

A total of 277,663 representing 90.4 per cent participated in the exercise where a total of 276,763 representing 99.67 per cent of the total votes cast endorsed the creation of the Ahafo region with 675 representing 0.24 per cent going against it.

A total of 225 representing 0.08 per cent votes were rejected.

Western North

A total of 322,048 voted YES for the creation of the Western North region out of the Western region as against 751 voting for NO. A total of 789 votes were rejected. In all 322, 799 people turned out to vote.


Provisional results also suggest that the proposal for the Bono East region has also received over 90% endorsement.

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