NDC Summons Asamankese Vigilante Group Leadership

The Eastern Regional secretariat of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has summoned the leadership of the alleged “vigilante group” formed within the Lower West Akyem Constituency branch of the party.

The Eastern Regional chairman, Mr Tawiah Boateng, speaking to the media on Monday in Koforidua, condemned the formation of the group without approval from the regional executive.

According to him, the party will peruse the mission of the group to inform its decision as to whether to disband or guide it to operate without causing violence.

He said though it was a fact that supporters of the party in settler communities in the Akyem enclave in particular were intimidated and threatened, which prevented their participation in the 2016 election, that should not warrant the formation of a vigilante group to cause mayhem.

He said the NDC would not toe the line of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to form lawless groups to jeopardise the democracy of the country.

The Lower West Akyem constituency branch of the NDC over the weekend launched a vigilante group called ‘Asamankese NDC Forces.’

The group, according to sources, has magical powers that shield members from bullets and knife attacks.

The group was first spotted during the party’s ‘Unity Walk’ in Somanya.

Speaking at a press briefing to declare his intention to contest the Lower West Akyem constituency organiser position, Aminu Issah, alias Organiser General, said the group would not foment trouble like the Invisible Forces of the NPP had done but to provide a sense of security for the party and its supporters.

According to him, most supporters of the party in the settler communities were intimidated by the NPP vigilante groups, which prevented them from voting in the 2016 elections.

He said NDC members were driven away from voting centres during the polls. Therefore, the new group had been formed to provide security for such people to enable them to take part in the 2020 election.

However, according to the regional chairman, Mr Boateng, in as much as the party believes in freedom of association, it would not allow the establishment of any vigilante group to cause trouble.

He added that the party would instead seek permission from the police to set up private security groups for protection during party activities should the need be.

source: Daily Heritage

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