NDC Race: NPP support for Koku nauseating – Asiedu Nketia

Koku Anyidoho, has picked his nomination forms to contest his Boss, Asiedu Nketia for the top position in an election that political analysts say will be a tough race.

With his message, “Party First”, the former Director of Communications at the Presidency who’s waging a vigorous campaign meeting delegates all over the country believes he’s capable of dethroning his boss to lead the NDC party to reclaim power from the NPP in the 2020 general elections.

Asiedu Nketia commenting on the upcoming contest slated for November 2018, on Okay FM urged the NPP to stay away from the NDC internal politics and rather focus on governing the country well to alleviate suffering Ghanaians from hardship.

“The conduct of NPP supporters in relation to our upcoming elections is shocking, whenever I go to do a radio programme and the phone lines are opened, out of about 100 callers, 50 who are NPP members after making their contribution will say that they support Koku Anyidoho. This is our internal contest, what is their interest in our elections. If they think I’m a bad candidate, they should rather pray to see me being re-elected as the General Secretary so that their chances of winning the 2020 elections will be easy. What is their problem? 

“If you are going to play a match with a team whose goalkeeper’s hand is broken and the team insists they’ll keep him in the post, why should you be worried and be shouting that the injured goalkeeper be taken out of the game. You should rather be happy so that you can score more goals. The NPP should stay out of our elections.”

Meanwhile, Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Dispatch newspaper, Ben Ephson Jnr says he won’t be surprised to see Koku Anyidoho emerge winner over his “boss” Asiedu Nketiah in the elections.

Mr. Ephson a pollster, believes Koku Anyidoho could cause a surprise, if he should put his campaign message well, well enough to convince delegates on how he intends to strengthen the party going into the 2020 general elections.

“If Koku does his campaign well, knowing that Asiedu Nketiah also caused the defeat of the party, Koku could win and that will be a punishment for Asiedu Nketiah”, he said.

He told sit-in-host Serwaa Akoto on Kasapa Fm’s morning show, Anopa Kasapa that, the chances of Mr. Anyidoho cannot be overlooked since he has been a long serving member of the party and commands a lot of support from the teeming delegates.

“Asiedu Nketiah as CEO of the party takes praise and blame for all that happens to the party, and I suspect that delegates will say based on what is going on, they need another person and on that score, Koku can win. Of course you are the CEO, the party has had a humiliating defeat and after that there has been a litany of complaints”, he added.

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