NDC Race: NDC vigilante group ‘The Hawks’ attacks Ashanti Regional Chairman and Secretary

Pro Vigilante group of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) The Hawks have allegedly attacked the Ashanti Regional Chairman and Secretary of the party at Obuasi West during former President John Mahama’s tour in the region.

Former President John Mahama on Monday November 12, 2018 began a 5 day – tour in the region.

It was reported that the Ashanti Regional Secretary of the NDC Kwame Zu in a radio interview stated emphatically that the regional branch of the party does not recognize The Hawks as a vigilante group of the party.

Abusua FM’s Osei Kwadwo reported that members of The Hawks are the security men protecting former President Mahama on his campaign.

Information gathered revealed that ‘The Hawks’ attacked the Regional Secretary Kwame Zu and Chairman Augustus Nana Akwasi when they were getting closer to the former president.

The stout looking men claim they prevented the two executives from getting closer to former President Mahama because they didn’t know they were party executives.

A strong member of the party who spoke on condition of anonymity confirming the incident said the Chairman Augustus Nana Akwasi was given a hefty slap from members of The Hawks when he made an attempt to prevent them from protecting former President Mahama.

The anonymous member of the party however urged the party executives to ensure peace prevails in order to help the party win the upcoming 2020 general elections.

“The Hawks are there to protect party members and Party executives. They are well recognized in the party so I was surprised when the Chairman and the Secretary were preventing the boys from doing their work. Our Council Elders and executives should advice the regional chairman of the party and the Secretary to refrain from that politics. We need all forces to win the elections”.

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