NDC only goes to congress for elections – Dr Tony Aidoo

Dr. Tony Aidoo has criticized the format of his party, the NDC’s delegates conferences, which he says focuses less on policies and programmes for national development.

According to him, the congresses were only geared towards winning elections, a development he believes is unfortunate.

He said the failure of the party to make time for the discussion of policies forced him to stop attending the party’s congresses.

“I stopped attending NDC congresses as far back as [year] 2000 because our congresses never extended to the discussions of policies and programmes. It was only for elections. Election of party officials and flagbearer whose razzmatazz ends and we go. We never had time to discuss policies and programmes, ” he said.

Tony Aidoo, who once served as Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation in the previous NDC administration, said the party appears to have lost its focus on its foundation as social democrats, noting that there’s almost no difference between the party and its main political contender, the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“No wonder the ideological difference between the NDC and the NPP have narrowed to the extent that there is no distinction between the two, and yet there should be distinction. We are supposed to be social democrats for God sake and what do social democrats do. They consider policies and programmes that inure to the benefit of the wider and larger majority of the population rather than contribute to what is happening,” Dr. Tony Aidoo said.

Credit: Citi Fm


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