NDC 2020: Women momentum gathers around Kojo Bonsu

The NDC delegates in the Central Region have given indication that they are in full support of Flagbearer aspirant, Kojo Bonsu.

This came to light during the recent KojoBonsu2020 regional tour of the Central Region.

Mr. Kojo Bonsu and his team met with delegates made up of Regional Executives and Members, Constituency Executives and Members and more importantly Branch Executives and Members, who all showed great respect and support.

At each gathering, the actions, reactions and responses from the NDC delegates after the former Kumasi Mayor delivered his message, was an overwhelming response of love and support, as they all clamored for him to lead the Party to victory in the 2020 elections.

They stated that they believe he understands the party and its party people and that his proposed solutions to the issues facing the NDC are much needed, practical and achievable.

Some of the Members went so far as to ask Mr. Bonsu, a former Managing Director of Ghana Oil Limited (GOIL), to adopt their branch after they publicly stated their unflinching support for him.

The Executives and Members also thanked the flagbearer hopeful for his style of campaign and urged him to continue with his good message of peace and unity in the party, which is devoid of attacks and insults in consonant with the NDC’s pillar of Unity.

The action man, as the delegates nicknamed Kojo Bonsu, assured them that he is ready to serve and give back power to the people on the ground, who make up the majority of the NDC.

The tour of the Central Regional ended on Friday, October 19, and the next visit will be to the Western Region this week.



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