My husband beats, starves me of sex, divorce-seeking wife tells court

A housewife, Mrs Lynda Ogedazi, on Tuesday prayed an Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve the marriage between her and her husband, Uzor Ogedazi.

She said that this was on the grounds of threat to life and constant beating.

“My lord, there is no more love in our marriage. I want a divorce.

“He constantly beats me and he is always threatening me to move out from my marriage of eight years.

“He comes home very late at night.

“If he calls me to open the door and I ask why he was late and where he was coming from, it will result into serious beating.

“I want the court to dissolve our marriage.’’

Lynda also said that since she gave birth to her second child nine months ago, her husband had not made love to her.

She alleged that he was involving himself in extramarital affairs.

“I want the court to grant me the custody of my two children because my husband is not a responsible man,’’ she said.

Lynda, 27, told the court that due to constant beatings from her husband, she had to pack out of her matrimonial home.

She added that she consulted with her parents to refund the bride price her husband paid to them during their traditional wedding.

However, Uzor, 42, in his response denied some of the allegations made by his wife and urged the court to dissolve their marriage.

Ogedazi, who is self-employed and resides in Lawanson area of Surulere, a suburb of Lagos, told the court that he was not against the divorce requested by his wife.

The president of the court, Mr Otun Olayiwola, after listening to the two parties adjourned the case until Dec. 11, for a mention.


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