MURDER: Adentan police accused of beating 47-yr old man to death

The family of a 47-year old man has accused some officers at the Adentan police station of beating their relative to death.

According to the family, their relative; Graham Owusu Sakyi, was  beaten to pulp until he fell into a coma and was sent to the police hospital.

This, they say led to his death six days later.

Uncle of the deceased,  Kwasi Nuamah Kutin, who narrated their ordeal to Citi News said, the family wants the appropriate authorities to be provided with the true story for justice to be served.


Kwasi Kutin said he went to meet his nephew in an unconscious state at the police hospital hours after he was informed of the incident.

“At 10am on Saturday, I got to know that my nephew had been taken to the Police Hospital. Because I didn’t consider it as anything major, I didn’t go to the hospital until around 2pm. So when I got there he had been taken to the medical ward. He was unconscious, he could neither see nor speak.”

“My unofficial communication with the police revealed that there was a swoop at Adenta , where two other men together with my nephew were arrested. Those two were sent to the police station, but my nephew was taken to the hospital because of his condition.

According to him, he was astonished to have found his nephew in the hospital; described as a suspect.

“When I inquired from the hospital authorities, I was told that he was brought to the facility in that state.  He had ‘suspect’ written as his name on his folder so I believe he was taken there by the police.

Medical examination and death

According to the family, after series of medical tests, they discovered that Graham might have been hit in the head because he suffered from haemorrhage adding that  ‘he couldn’t speak,  his brain and other body organs were not functioning properly.

Despite the family’s efforts to get proper  treatment for their relative, all attempts to revive Graham yielded no positive results.

The family is also accusing the police of negligence for failing to follow-up on the deceased.

“Unfortunately, after getting him all the needed medication from the doctor’s prescription, he died last Wednesday. Although he had been declared a suspect, there was not a single day where the police checked up on him, Graham’s uncle disclosed.

Family’s next line of action

The family, who has absolved their relative of any crime or wrongdoing is also warning that it will exhaust all available means to ensure that finality is brought to the matter.

“Currently, we have ordered for a post-mortem. We also want to see the police with a lawyer. We do not want to go alone because there are questions to be answered. What we want to know is the truth of what happened. If there are any correctional measures to be made, they are done so that this doesn’t happen to someone else because my relative can never hurt a fly. He was very respectful and bright so I don’t expect him to be treated in this manner.”

Family’s advice to police  

Meanwhile, the family wants the the police to be cautious in their daily activities so they do not repeat any actions that may lead to ‘unnecessary deaths’.

The police should not act in a way that will lead to unnecessary deaths. The laws are there, if any individual is suspected of any crime, they have anything within their capacity to arrest the person. They should not beat the person in anyway.


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