MPs promise to pay for Bagbin’s filing fees

A number of sitting and former Members of Parliament supporting the bid of Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, for the 2020 Presidential ticket of the NDC have announced their readiness  to foot the bill for him to pick and file his nomination.

They have therefore him not to lose heart over the astronomical price tag that the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had clipped to the filing process.

“We do not have the slightest doubt that the astronomical GH¢ 420,000.00 that the NEC of the NDC has quoted as the cost of picking and filing nomination forms was deliberately calculated to frustrate other aspirants, into stepping out of the 2020 Flagbearership race. As unfortunate as this is, we will like to respond by also promising that we will put our efforts together to raise the money for Mr. Bagbin,” Mr Joseph Naabu, the MP for Yunyon said in a News statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

According to the statement, at least 40 persons made up of former and sitting MPs have agreed to pool resources to help him.

Most of the forty sitting and former MPs involved are not readily known but Mr Gershom Gbediame, the MP for Nkwanta South, has since confirmed that he is one of them.

According to the statement, every MP is at liberty to contribute what he  or she wished, but the MPs have generally hinted that they are in position to contribute GH¢10,000.00 each.

“It is very heartwarming that other colleagues of ours keep coming on board to lend their support and we will like to use this opportunity to invite all lovers of democracy to come on board and contribute their quota. It is not just about filing the nomination, beyond this Mr  Bagbin will need money to prosecute his Presidential campaign and every pesewa is needed” the statement said.

It also praised the efforts of Branch, Constituency and regional executives who have already promised to help raise the money for him, saying their gesture was a welcome one.

The statement admitted that the GH¢20,000.00 quoted for the picking of nomination forms and the GH¢400,000.00 for the filing of nominations were outrageous and unrealistic.

“We will like to remind the NEC of the NDC that this huge amount you have quoted makes nonsense of the fact that we are the same party who have been crying about the serious hardships that the Akufo-Addo government is inflicting on the people of this country. If we agree that there is serious hardship in the country how do we turn round to demand such huge amounts from people who have put themselves forward for the leadership opportunity to end these hardships? Are we trying to tell Ghanaians that the hardship we complain about is just a matter of words?” Mr Naabu’s statement said.

It urged Mr Bagbin to dismiss any notion of defeat saying, “We the young ones in Parliament who have benefited from your wise and generous guidance will use this opportunity to show our gratitude.

You nurtured us into who we are, we are also ready to return some of the favour.”


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