Diaspora: Meet MIZIZI, How One 24 Year Old Ghanaian American Is Inspiring Africans To Stay Rooted

Paakow Essandoh President/Chief of MIZIZIPHOTOS WERE SHOT BY FREDY MEJIA.(@BXE.V)

Now that we are all aware that the traditional methodology of the fashion ecosystem has been re-written; consumers need for immediacy in receiving brand information and brand culture has contributed to a major change in the fashion industry.

The game has certainly changed and rightly so. At present, brands are required to pay attention to customer adaptation of fashion trends. Nowadays consumers fashion interests derive from a collective response, globalized with an infinite reach of social media. It is in fact this disruption that has subsequently enabled fashion marketers to become closer to their customers; and that can be a good thing if a brand understands how to use this data as a powerful tool to increase brand awareness.

One recent movement that has been on my radar is social media’s build-up of online communities in the information age. It is this buildup in itself that has proven to be one of the most dramatic shifts facing the industry today. In a word, the user-generated content has democratized the industry overall.

Additionally, the social communities are slated to be the future power, being able to alter a brands role in a volatile menswear marketplace. It is a role-reversal of sorts within a rapidly changing industry.

I would like to introduce one such fashion idea that transitioned disruption into uniting an entire continent together, based on the evolution of the internet and the significant impact of social networks on the future of fashion as well as the future of consumerism itself.

MIZIZI Brazil Jersey.  Model: Devarius “Devy Stonez” Jackson.PHOTOS WERE SHOT BY FREDY MEJIA.(@BXE.V)

Delivering the right marketing message requires crafting a strategy around the collection to pique the interest of potential consumers to the product offerings. A sure-fire way to achieve positive results is to leave a string of first impressions that will hopefully develop into a sales conversion.

Like any successful enterprise, the fashion industry is required to consistently adapt to social and economic changes that surely impact supply and demand. But what I find most important today is the process of concept to consumption is the influential consumers whose engagement has the power to push a brand forward. This is where social innovation begins.

Let’s face it, The fashion stories of those who shape a movement can be best told by the individuals themselves. I am quite often intrigued to find companies who inspire the next generation toward achievement. It is a wonderful feeling to inspire future generations toward success and their own leadership potential.

I recently came across a brand that is focused on the greater journey of African Diaspora. The information that I collected is sufficiently compelling and resonant to warrant a feature about the change in trajectory of apparel brands.

I  had the privilege to speak with Paakow Essandoh President of MIZIZI about how the a progressive idea of African Diaspora developed into a powerful brand, where MIZIZI is manufactured and how and why technology has aided in the development of e-commerce, social media and  technical fabrications?

Read the full interview here…

Credit: forbes.com

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