Kidnappings: Parliament to force Police to free missing Taadi girls.

The chairman of Ghana’s Parliament Defense and interior committee, Seth Kwame Acheampong has stated that pressure will be mounted on security forces in the country to rescue the Tarkoradi Kidnapped girls.

He said his committee has requested for an urgent briefing from security agencies as part of their oversight role.

Speaking to Accra Based Citi fm monitored by, the Mpraeso Member of Parliament said the rescued of the two Canadian ladies by the Ghana Police shows they can also rescue the missing Tarkoradi girls.

“We as a committee will be having a briefing from them very soon, because of the urgency of the matter, we do not want to impede their work so we are allowing them to do a little operation at the right time we shall meet with them” Seth Acheampong had said.

Meanwhile, the Ghana police Service says the lessons drawn from its combined effort with the national security to rescue the 2 Canadian ladies will help in the rescue of the kidnapped Tarkoradi girls.

The police has received backlash from the public over their inability to rescue the Tarkoradi girls ten months after they were kidnapped.

This, the citizenry believes is a sharp contrast to how within a week, the police find and rescued the two kidnapped Canadian women.

Some Ghanaians took to social media to express their anger and upset over what they describe as the government’s bias attitude towards foreign nationals.

Some of them accused the government and security forces of discrimination due to this.

Majority of the social media comments suggest the police is doing nothing.

They accused the police of discrimination arguing that they have not put in enough effort to rescue the Takoradi girls who have been missing for close to one year.

Source: Coffie